We want to meet you!

Please connect with us if there is anyway we can support you... Whether it is getting

you updated information, providing a listening ear or helping you connect with the right

person, we are there for you. You can reach us at:

t | 909.558.4570

If you would like to be part of this ministry and enjoy working with children, 

please connect with Simone who is our volunteer coordinator at:

e | simonedennis@ureachlluc.com

Your children's ministry team

We feel God has lead each of us to be part of your lives in our church community. 

We are here to serve you in whatever way we can!

  • Shawna campbell, children's pastor

    Shawna loves children, being creative and spending time with family and friends. She has two teenage daughters, Teia and Tiana and her husband, Kirk, works at Loma Linda University Health.

    e | scampbell@lluc.org

  • Gerilyn villamor, Sabbath School assistant

    Gerilyn enjoys spending time with children. She keeps herself busy with her high school son, AJ, and Annilyn who is in elementary school. They enjoy going to the beach and spending time at the park with their dad, Allan.  

    e | gerilynmv@gmail.com 

  • Ashinee Reynolds, event Coordinator

    Ash is passionate about reading and enjoys a warm cup of tea anytime of the day. She enjoys working with children and their parents.

    e | ashinee_reynolds@yahoo.com