Soccer league  Starting this Fall  • >

We want to invite you to join our church Soccer League for kids ages 4-13 as we promote a healthy and happy lifestyle! Registration has closed for Fall 2023. Practices will be on Thursdays starting on Sept. 21. Games will be on Sundays starting Sept. 24.

COACH REGISTRATION: If you would like to coach, sign up HERE.


First and foremost, we want the kids to have fun.  Some kids will enjoy the practice time while others may look forward to running around in their first game environment.  And all kids look forward to snack time at the end!  

We believe strongly in playing together as a church community.  We aim to do this in a calm, supportive, fun, low-key, minimally competitive way.

Parents are encouraged to cheer the kids on wholeheartedly while maintaining an attitude of support and growth.

Healthy Outdoor Activities
Seventh-day Adventists value physical health as a part of whole person wellness.  We seek to instill the value of life-long, healthy, outdoor, screen-free activities in our kids at an early age.  Our goal is to enable each participant to enjoy playing outside, moving their bodies, having fun with other kids, and learning how to work together as a team.  Even if soccer is not yet a passion of your child, we are confident that they will find aspects of participating in a team environment enjoyable.

Development of New Skills
Kids are encouraged to improve on their current capabilities in a growth-focused environment.  Coaches provide a playful, structured experience, allowing each kid to develop at their own pace while at the same time encouraging them to try new skills.

LLUC soccer league is open to both LLUC members and non-members alike.  We seek to provide a safe environment to form new friendships.  Parents work together to coach, lead, encourage, and share snacks.  Kids are required to leave the field with a smile🙂

Safety is always our number one priority.

If you have questions, please contact Jeremy Oms at